11 / 03 / 2021

Consumer behavior in the light of a pandemic

During the Covid pandemic, Denmark was characterized by restrictions and shutdowns, which changed our behaviour and consumption patterns. But what did our behaviour look like a year into the Covid crisis, and what will it look like going forward?

Shortly after Denmark’s first shutdown, we measured the pandemic’s impact on Danes' consumption habits.This content is a follow-up on that insight.

But this time, we also look closely at Danes’ reflections on their social habits and consumer behaviour after the crisis. Hopefully, this makes us a bit wiser about what we can expect from Danes' behaviour and how we can stay relevant to our target groups. The analysis was made in collaboration with the Nordic data provider Userneeds.

We found 5 trends that characterize Danes' consumer behaviour during and immediately after the Covid pandemic.

Get the 5 trends

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