Alan Mendez

Senior Media Advisor

Alan has over 12 years years of experience in consulting for global and Nordic companies on digital strategy, digital activation, and communications planning.

His mission is to develop campaign that entertain and engage a community, or offers and answers to a problem. His approach is straight forward; ask the right questions, identify the solution, line-up the tasks, produce, iterate, and deliver.

Prior to joining Advice, Alan was a Digital Client Director at Wavemaker and worked with clients such as the Danish Health Authorities, Activation Blizzard, Nordea, Visit Sweden, and Danone.

Bonus info: Alan began his university studies three days after graduating from high school, enrolling in the same course as his mother. He's seen The Breakfast Club more than 50 times, and for some reason, he disappeared in Tokyo for 24 hours. After dropping out of neurolinguistics studies, he stumbled into marketing.