Helga Askehave

Art Director

Helga is Art Director and creative concept developer. She has a penchant for simple ideas, creative executions, and behavior-changing communication.

She taps into insights about the behavior of the Danes and the trends of the time and then develops campaigns that engage and move agendas. Helga also has her creative toolbox in order. Everything from the Adobe package to traditional illustrations and things cut in cardboard and paper. For Helga, combining the commercial and creative has led to tasks for Netflix, UNICEF, Mothers' Aid, and Politiken.

Helga has a bachelor's in creative communication from the Danish School of Media and Journalism and work experience from agencies and freelancing.

Bonus info: When Helga was little, she was sure she would be an archaeologist. Finding things of great importance that put everyday life into perspective - maybe becoming an Art Director isn’t a big deviation from her childhood dreams.