Josephine Bugtrup

Advisor & Planner

Josephine is a strategic thinker. Analytical by nature. Driven by creativity. She has a natural curiosity for the world around her and believes that truly value-adding solutions arise from a genuine interest in both humans and brands. This is why she puts a lot of her efforts at Advice into translating trends, consumers, and market insights into strategic and commercial solutions.

In Advice, Josephine is part of our Branding & Marketing Team, where she helps create strong brand-, communication-, and campaign strategies. She defines the direction, inspires the creatives, and ensures any delivery is anchored in the company's strategy and goals.

Josephine is a candidate in Brand & Communications Management from CBS. She’s been in the agency industry for the past six years. She has been part of everything from major positioning tasks and re-branding projects to product launches and communication strategies.

Bonus info: Let's just call a spade a spade - Josephine is extremely fond of food. Particularly bacon, steaks, and burgers. She is always searching for the city's best bite and enthusiastically shares her adventures with the rest of the world on her Instagram profile.