Juliane is an analytical jack-of-all-trades, specializing in translating complex insights into solutions supporting customers' goals and needs for several years.

Juliane is mainly focused on how the combination of different types of data is often what is needed to fully understand - and be able to execute on - complex issues. She has a special eye for translating societal trends and human behavior into insights and strategies that create lasting change.

Juliane has an exceptional drive to set ambitious goals with her customers and execute projects that positively impact society. She has experience in a wide range of areas that count everything from fieldwork in prisons to cyclical analyses in the banking sector and advice on diversity. With several years as an analyst behind her from the University of Copenhagen, the Prison and Probation Service, and the association Divérs, she’s experienced in generating knowledge and setting important agendas. Most recently, Juliane has worked as chief consultant in Voxmeter, advising in data, behavioral design, and sustainable business development.

Juliane is a trained sociologist from the University of Copenhagen.

Bonus info: When Juliane isn't working on insights, she can often be found with her head buried in a good book or the fiction novel she hopes to publish one day.