Lærke Læssøe Nielsen

UX Designer, Forte Advice

Lærke [ˈlæɐ̯gə] or Lurk, Lark, Lærga is a UX Designer and Consultant in the digital department at Forte Advice.

She has a bachelor’s degree in Media Production & Management from The Danish School of Media & Journalism. As a former project manager at multiple agencies, she managed both B2C and B2B projects both nationally and internationally. As a result, she has a keen interest in processes and thinking solutions across digital and analog media.

Changing directions in 2022, she found her way to Forte Advice, where she works on research, insights, and UX design. Whenever she works on a project, she always thinks about how to improve the user experience.

Bonus info: Lærke spent her childhood dreaming about going to Hogwarts, becoming a horse whisperer, or designing homes. So far, she has only been able to own a few ponies, play The Sims, and read the Harry Potter books over and over again, but the dream continues!