Laura Jakobsen

UX Designer, Forte Advice

Laura is a dedicated UX Designer with an unwavering commitment to creating digital experiences that captivate and engage. She’s passionate about how the right tech solutions can simplify everyday life and provide more time for what truly matters.

Laura has an explorative mindset when working within her field, and with a keen eye for aesthetics at the core of her design philosophy, Laura seamlessly combines her visual appeal and user-centric functionality.

Prior to her current job in Forte Advice, Laura worked as a UX Designer for different tech startup companies, and she also counts more than five years of experience within communication and content creation. And with a Master in Digital Design & Interactive technologies from the IT University, her versatile skill set enables her to seamlessly integrate design methods, communication expertise, and UX strategy to solve complexity and design appealing digital solutions.

Bonus info: Laura has a special ability to read a bit too fast without considering the output. For instance, Laura thought the song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ was titled ‘Bornheim Raspberry’ for several years. And yes, you are allowed laugh if you experience the reading-to-fast-mechanism – Laura would just love that!