Mathilde has been working in branding and marketing for several companies, both locally and globally, for a number of years, working strategically and operationally on campaigns, communications, and brand activations. As a project manager, she is very organized and structured with a keen sense of detail.

Aside from her understanding of how to meet ambitious KPIs, she is quick to understand her customers' needs and always strives to make the work process as smooth as possible.

Her educational background includes a master's degree in public health science and journalism training. She previously worked for Copenhagen PR and Communications Bureau 9PR and Adidas Denmark as a Project Manager and Senior Product Manager.

Bonus info: Mathilde loves to run. She runs a lot and very far and participates in many ultrarunning races. And as she says: "There are no words to describe what the body and mind experience during an ultra race - but when you run 6 hours straight, you can see 360 degrees around you". She has found what matters in life during ultra-races, which has motivated her to keep going.