Natasja Qvist Geysner

Senior Media Advisor

During her time at Advice, Natasja has led efforts to define and raise strategic media solutions in the house. Natasja is an experienced digital strategist with special skills in media planning, channel strategy, and optimizing campaign executions and customer touchpoints.

Natasja is responsible for media planning, channel strategy, KPIs, conversion optimization, and target group insights at Advice. With her analytical skills, she can interpret and activate data across the customer journey to move the target audience from A to B as effectively as possible.

Natasja previously worked at OMD and Baby and has worked with brands such as Falck, Samsung, Toyota, Unibet, and Irma.

Bonus info: If you meet Natasja, remember to ask her about the time she was attacked by a shark in Malaysia. We are many who are convinced that it was actually a tuna.