Pernille works in Public Affairs and Stakeholder Management, where she identifies business needs and develops strategies that create lasting, noticeable, and valuable change. Her strong analytical skills, as well as knowledge of human behavior and societal trends, enable her to develop and rethink organizational processes, communication strategies, and digital solutions. Her methodical toolbox allows her to dig deep into problems and give customers deep insight into their strategic and political opportunities.

A proven strategic thinker, Pernille has extensive experience transforming thorough insights into actionable recommendations and hands-on solutions at the innovation agency It's A Bird and at 3F. Pernille is particularly interested in sustainability agendas and has promoted green solutions in several contexts. As a member of the Danish Social Innovation Club, she led an organization that brought together researchers, companies, start-ups and students to develop future sustainable travel forms.

Pernille is a trained sociologist from the University of Copenhagen.

Bonus info: If you spot a person on roller skates in the Fælledparken’s skatepark, wearing protection from head to toe, then it is probably Pernille. If you’re lucky, she's in the process of pulling off a cool trick - but more likely, it's that she's in the process of botching one.