René Kammersgaard

Creative Director

With more than 13 years of experience in the advertising business, René knows the importance of creating content that people want to see rather than skip. Whether it’s film or something completely different.

He’s a creative problem solver and even though film has a big place in his heart, he always looks at a task with media neutral glasses. For him, that's the best recipe for good and unexpected solutions. Solutions that both surprise ourselves and the consumers.

It’s important for René that advertising is entertaining and useful to the consumers. He feels that we owe them that when we interrupt them in the middle of something they love more than ads. In the end, this will also benefit our clients.

His dog Tove doesn’t know anything about any of this. She’s just a puppy. But she knows how to sit and randomly high five strangers in the hope for treats.

Bonus info: René loves all things that got to do with water and he lives in Copenhagen's south harbour with his four daughters (two humans and two dogs). And when he’s not at work, he tries to spend as much time with them as possible in the canals around the south harbour.