Rikke Østergaard

Director, Branding & Marketing

As the communication landscape becomes increasingly complex and presents new opportunities, Rikke provides direction, meaning, and structure. With her strong business experience and awareness of the target group, she balances understanding the insights of the target group with her understanding of how it should unfold in content, on a website, through events, or in customer journeys.

As a digital and social media professional, Rikke has experience in disciplines such as Employee Advocacy, Community Building, Content Strategy, and attitude and behavior campaigns. Rikke also has an excellent understanding of fan cultures, communities, and what motivates people.

As well as her work on Advice, Rikke is one of the founders of the podcast Career Women, which takes listeners on a provocative, challenging, and reflective journey. Rikke is also an inspiring and entertaining teacher for the Communication Forum, among other things.