Sanne Kjær Thygesen

Advisor, Forte Advice

Sanne's strong focus on users' needs shines through in every solution she helps develop. At every step of the design process, she represents the user in order to unite them with the customer. As a result, Sanne develops digital concepts based on identifying both customer and user needs. She has extensive experience with user surveys and tests and understands how to translate important insights into visual concepts.

With a in digital design and interactive technologies from the IT University, Sanne specializes in UX Design. Previously, she has worked with communication and has an extra sharp eye for content and strong UX writing competencies.

Bonus info: Sanne is truly a real ‘West Jyde’, and although she tries hard to blend into the Copenhagen environment, her dialect quickly reveals her roots. Since she was raised in Esbjerg, she never settles anywhere more than a short bike ride from the water.