Victor Estvad Christoffersen


Victor is a copywriter and creative concept developer with a knack for problem solving. Regardless of a projects’ shape, size or stature, he strives to consistently deliver original and engaging work. Preferably with a charming hint of weirdness, if he gets his way.

Victor studied Creative Communication at The Danish School of Media and Journalism. He graduated in the spring of 2022 and was lucky enough to land a full-time position at Advice, where he had interned since the beginning of the year – and been considering it home shortly after.

Bonus info: During his brief time in the army, Victor ran into trouble with the Military Police for irresponsibly mishandling equipment. A late night march in pitch-black darkness left him weary enough to forget his steel M/95 assault rifle in a rapeseed field; accidentally substituting its place in his hands with a water canteen, following a short rest. His captain, fellow privates and the MP’s that had been called, were all irked to say the least.