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GROW is our internship programme for aspiring talents eager to learn what it's like to work at an integrated agency across various communication disciplines.


You get to explore what happens when the theories from school meet real customers, campaigns, deadlines, gothic knots, shifting schedules, tight budgets, and professional discussions.

You're ambitious, but you're also a great colleague who is open to getting feedback. You'll learn from some of the sharpest people in the industry, but we also want to learn from you because we believe that getting fresh input and new perspectives helps us stay sharp.

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“Advice stood out to me because of the agency's purpose: that client projects must not only create positive change for the business, but also for consumers and society. I quickly realised that it wasn't just a platitude, and my first project as an intern was very meaningful.”

Theis Mørch
Theis Mørch, Former Branding & Marketing intern, now Project Associate


We have had interns for many years, and we are always proud to see them grow and find their way in life (in fact, our former CEO, now board member, Espen Højlund, was once an intern at Advice).

We know what it takes to make the internship a rewarding experience. That's why you'll get a personal mentor and a customised development plan. Your mentor will be one of our skilled consultants who will support you throughout the programme.


"Unlike 'The Devil Wears Prada', there is no evil boss or an ocean of boring tasks that no one else wants to solve. Instead, I was thrown directly into my first task with the team's support and confidence in me. Right from the beginning, I was taken seriously and respected. My task preferences and personal development goals were taken into account too."

Frederikke Lynggaard Sloth
Frederikke Lynggaard Sloth, Former Data & Insights intern, now Consultant


How do you create a campaign that goes viral and wins awards? Does the Data & Insights team talk about anything but numbers? How doesuser-friendly UX and sustainable tech solutionsmake a difference? What does it mean to work with Public Relations? And do you really need to know all court reporters’ names by heart on the Public Affairs team? 

As part of GROW, you will take part in four masterclasses, one for each business area: Creative, Digital, Public Relations & Public Affairs, and Branding & Marketing.Through these masterclasses, you will learn how to navigate across the different communications disciplines.

GROW model


"The most educational part of the internship programme was being surrounded by a lot of talented colleagues who are always willing to share their know-how.”

Kamma Schyum
Kamma Schyum, Former Digital intern, now Project Associate


Advice is a unique and social place to work. We have several professional and social events designed to inspire and strengthen the team spirit. For instance, our Friday Bar once a month, the annual Advice Party, and many different activity clubs.

GROW is the steppingstone for your future career in the communications and advertising industry. Your colleagues and fellow interns all become part of your network. And a good network can take you far.


“Advice has a fantastic social environment, high professionalism, and a fast-paced culture. You get an internship full of responsibility and challenges –every day –and you don't have to get coffee for anyone else but yourself”.

Helena Grundt Hansen, Former PR Intern


We welcome new interns two times a year, in Spring and Autumn. On this page, you can see the open positions and apply around March and mid-September. But you're also welcome to send us an unsolicited internship application.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Gry Kjems at


“Advice is a very safe workplace that makes time for everyone. Before my internship, I was a little bit intimidated to work at an agency, where tasks should preferably be “finished yesterday". But luckily, that was not my experience at all. Well-being is a high priority –also when it comes to interns!

Natasja Johanne Jensen, Former PA intern