Does your brand deliver a unique contribution?

The winners in the new reality are companies that find, exploit, and magnify the magical connection between consumers, society, and business. Strategic branding plays a crucial role. Our consultants, planners, creatives, and producers specialise in everything from brand strategies and communication platforms to creative concepts and award-winning campaigns.

Our brand services


Brand Platforms & Positioning

We help create the foundation for your new or revised brand. We develop brand hierarchies, strategies and identities based on data and insights. With the involvement of various internal stakeholders in the co-creation process, you get a fully supported result across the organisation.


Identity & Design

Visual identities are not just about looking good. They must be able to communicate and tell stories that build brands. We develop visual identities with a deep respect for design craft, drawing upon various tools and strategic knowledge.


Concept & Creative Development

We develop creative concepts based on societal trends and insights. Drawing upon a thoroughly tested process and close collaboration with the client, we transform the strategic goals into content that feels relevant and intuitive to the target group.


Marketing & Campaigns

We have 30 years of experience with brand and marketing campaigns, from creative concepts and campaign rollouts to long-term marketing setups. And we always draw on our award-winning KPI framework (it's true) and insight into the customer journey, whether it relates to traditional media, digital campaigns, out-of-home, PR, or an entirely bespoke service.



Most communication today is boosted with paid media, and we help with advertising on social media, print, display, and Google. We believe in getting the most out of your budget and are happy to collaborate directly with your media agency to ensure that the communication and media strategies are closely aligned.


Film Production

The complexity of the media landscape constantly increases, but whether we call it film, video, visuals, animation, content, or something else, it is all about one thing: storytelling. A good narrative is the core of every film production we make.


Content & Social Media

Creating great content for digital channels requires a deep understanding of communication and people. We believe in quality over quantity – from strategy development and planning to content production across channels.


Influencers & Ambassadors

People listen to people, whether you use well-known influencers to reach an audience or engage your employees through employee advocacy. We work with an ethical framework and are experienced with using influencers and ambassadors, even for the most complex and sensitive purposes.

Our brand specialists work closely together with our other business units, Agendas and Technology.