The agendas are here. Do you embrace them?

The future belongs to companies and organisations that manage to unite society's needs and expectations with the core of their business. We help organisations analyse and navigate the agendas that form society and the strategies that can seize their potential.

Our agenda services


Public Affairs

Our political advice builds on a deep understanding of political and regulatory processes and dynamics. Public affairs strategy, lobbying, whitepapers, message mapping, and decision-making processes are just some of our tools.


Public Relations & Agenda Setting

We help increase brand exposure, awareness, and credibility to support your business goals. This work includes agenda setting, channel and media strategy, press materials, pitches, Q&A, media and message training, campaigns, Twitter, and social media counselling.


Analysis & Insight

Insight is the foundation of everything we do. We offer stakeholder analyses, reputation analyses, arena analyses, quantitative analyses and measurements, media analyses, target group analyses, focus group interviews, and customer surveys.



From compliance to communication, we offer an integrated approach to sustainability. We have the frameworks and tools that allow you to analyse your impact, strategise, and position your company. Our integrated way of working empowers you to get full return on investment and turn compliance into business value.


Corporate Communication

Society, customers, and employees expect the top management to play a more active role in the public debate. We help companies contribute to the conversation. We advise on executive visibility, CEO activism, thought leadership, communications strategy, positioning, and reputation management.


Stakeholder Management

Understanding the organisation's stakeholders is the starting point for achieving your business goals in the long run. We map out the stakeholders, carry out stakeholder analyses, develop stakeholder programs, and assess the possibilities for alliances and partnerships.


Issues Management & Crisis Communication

Most crises never manifest if the organisation is well prepared. We help identify potential issues, prepare crisis plans, and conduct crisis training. We are also available for crisis advisory should you find yourself amid a crisis.

Our strategic specialists work closely together with our other business units, Brand and Technology