15 / 12 / 2022

Advice Sustainability Barometer 2022/23

By Advice

Digital technologies permeate all parts of our lives. But while the broader topic of sustainability has become part of the mainstream, digital sustainability is still under explored by policy makers and companies alike. With the launch of our Sustainability Barometer 2022/23, we set out to change that. More attention must be given to digital technologies, and how they can contribute positively to our common future, both socially and environmentally.

In this year’s Sustainability Barometer, we focus on the topics of sustainable tech and digitalisation. Denmark is one of the most digitalised nations in the world, but the subject of sustainability and digitalisation combined is still vastly underexposed.

We need more knowledge and conversation on the subject to be able to measure and fully understand the impact of our digital lives.

With the launch of this year’s Sustainability Barometer, we hope to set the conversation in motion and contribute to the development of sustainable digital initiatives among businesses, brands and organisations.

A New Digital Platform
Advice Sustainability Barometer 2022/23 is exclusively available digitally. You can download parts of the content, graphs and figures (free to use), but otherwise you need to read it online. Our tech-savvy digital team at Forte Advice has ensured the reading experience should be top-notch, but let us know what you think when you’ve had the chance to dive in.

Read the Sustainability Barometer 2022/23 here 

We hosted the launch event in collaboration with The Danish Chamber of Commerce and guests from KMD, TDC NET and Polypoly, who shared their insights and perspectives on the topics of sustainable tech and digitalization.

Thank you to the panelists:
Ditte Haugaard Clausen, Lead Sustainability Officer, KMD
Peter Søndergaard Andersen, Head of Sustainability, TDC NET
Jon Lund, Head of the Danish branch, PolyPoly.