05 / 07 / 2022

Debate: The consulting industry must wake up and take responsibility in the green transition

By Ralf Lodberg, CCO & Partner

In an ad from the tobacco brand Camel in the late 40s, a doctor praises cigarettes for working well against tickly coughs in the throat’s so-called t-zone. Today, this ad seems absurd. But I believe future generations will perceive today’s advertisements for online casinos, energy drinks, diesel cars and quick loans in the exact same way some years from now.

We are in the midst of a climate crisis, which calls for all responsible people and companies to stand up. For too long, the creative industry – and the consulting industry as a whole – has been hiding behind their customers with the narrative “we are not a real company, we’re just helping other companies”. But not only is the creative industry huge worldwide, it also helps develop solutions that shift attitudes and create actions - and in many cases, also sales.

Therefore, it is time for the consulting industry to pull itself together and take on as much social responsibility as it advises the clients to do. And we literally don’t have any time to waste.

This content is a sneak peek of a column written by our CCO & Partner Ralf Lodberg. You can read the whole piece in Børsen (in Danish).