06 / 06 / 2023

Hjerteforeningen – a heartfelt collaboration

By Advice

Hjerteforeningen have chosen Advice to help revitalize their brand. We are honored and excited to support this amazing project which strives to generate awareness and encourage more people to support their cause – liberating lives from heart disease.

Hjerteforeningen needed a commercial transformation to enhance their fundraising operations and develop a digital ecosystem. Thomas Knudsen, engagement director of the NGO, has observed a significant shift among their target audience regarding expectations and preferences for engagement, membership, donations, and digital convenience. As such, Hjerteforeningen sought a partner who could offer a fresh perspective and ignite a passion for their cause in more Danes.

Following a thorough selection process earlier this year, Hjerteforeningen chose Advice as their partner. CCO & Partner at Advice, Ralf Lodberg, expressed his excitement for the project, stating: “It is easy to see the great purpose and potential of Hjerteforeningen. The process has already started with our ambitious team, and it looks really promising. It is thrilling and a little nerve-wracking to work out how to create the magic the heart deserves.”

Since 1962, Hjerteforeningen has played a vital role in positioning Denmark as a frontrunner in heart disease research. Their relentless efforts benefit the 524,000 Danes living with heart disease. They provide education through first aid courses, increase the accessibility of defibrillators, and offer counseling and support to anyone affected by heart-related conditions.