16 / 08 / 2023

Interview: Introducing Ditte Haugaard Clausen as Head of Sustainability

By Advice

We're excited to introduce Ditte Haugaard Clausen as our new Head of Sustainability. At Advice, we recognize the critical importance of sustainability for both society and business – and with Ditte's expertise now part of our team, we have undoubtedly taken a big leap forward in our mission to help shape a more sustainable future alongside our clients and partners.

Welcome to the team Ditte. Please share a bit about your vision, as our new Head of Sustainability.

Certainly. The sustainability landscape is currently evolving at a rapid pace. With many European companies soon falling under new sustainability regulations, the initial reaction for many will be to view these changes as merely added reporting and compliance burdens.

However, my vision is for us to serve as trusted advisors helping these companies and organizations transform these regulatory demands into positive strategic opportunities — enhancing their company's purpose, brand, and business development.

What do you see as the most pressing sustainability challenges businesses face today?

Undeniably, many businesses are grappling with the upcoming regulatory requirements. The specifics of these regulations differ based on the company's nature, whether they're listed or not, and their size. Still, they entail comprehensive reporting on sustainability goals and, for instance, climate emissions. Many companies will undoubtedly find this challenging, but it is also an opportunity to get a more precise overview of a company's or organization's strengths and weaknesses within sustainability and its potential to make a positive difference in society.

Additionally, I firmly believe that the ability to leverage and articulate this potential will be crucial for companies’ competitiveness going forward. In our advisory role, we can support companies and organizations in becoming compliant but, equally important, also help them transform their sustainability efforts into strategic advantages that strengthen their brand and business.

With your background in media science and communication, how did your journey lead you to work within sustainability and technology?

For over a decade, I served as a communications and public affairs advisor when the CSR concept emerged. As I delved into CSR via communications advisory, I found it an area I was deeply passionate about and wanted to explore. Subsequently, an opportunity arose in one of Denmark's largest and most trusted IT companies, which perfectly aligned with my competencies, so that's how I transitioned into focusing on sustainability in the IT and technology sector.

In your opinion, how can technology be leveraged to address sustainability challenges?

Having devoted many years to the ICT sector, I might be a tad biased. Nonetheless, I believe technology to be pivotal, particularly for the green transition. Our collective goal in society should be to reduce our negative environmental and societal impact, and since most people aren't eager to revert to pre-industrial revolution lifestyles, the smart path forward is intrinsically tied to technological advancements and digitalization.

What aspects of working with sustainability do you find the most challenging - and rewarding?

The key driver for me is the possibility of making a positive difference in society and helping clients create a genuine impact. Frankly, cultural and mindset shifts pose the most significant challenges — not just for sustainability professionals like myself but for society at large. Hence, why it is important that sustainability is not only regarded as a compliance matter.

As you begin your journey at Advice, what excites you the most about your role? Any specific projects or challenges?

Above all, I eagerly anticipate collaborating with an array of fantastic colleagues and drawing inspiration from the diverse expertise within the agency. I'm particularly enthusiastic about leveraging these talents to advance our clients' sustainability agendas.

About Ditte Haugaard Clausen, Head of Sustainability

  • Expertise: Specializes in Sustainability Advisory, focusing on Public Affairs, Stakeholder Management, and Communication.
  • Lead Sustainability Officer, KMD: Crafted KMD's sustainability strategy, providing strategic counsel on sustainability challenges and spearheaded KMD's leadership in sustainable IT.
  • Public Affairs & PR Advisor, Holm Kommunikation: Boasts over a decade of experience, specializing in public affairs and public relations with an emphasis on the healthcare, energy, and transport sectors.
  • Educational Qualification: Holds an MA in Media Science from the University of Copenhagen.

For further insights into our perspective on sustainability and our approach to assisting companies and organizations with their sustainability efforts, please feel free to contact Ditte Haugaard Clausen here.

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