03 / 10 / 2023

Introducing (fælles)køn

By Advice

After more than a year of planning and production, we can finally introduce our new initiative: (fælles)køn – a little piece of new technology that can help Danes unbias their language.

In Denmark, we often pride ourselves on our commitment to equality and inclusion. However, the stark reality is that we've fallen behind. The most recent gender equality report by the World Economic Forum ranks Denmark as number 23, far below our Nordic neighbors, who are all in the Top 5. ​

Despite our many commendable efforts, our labor market remains deeply segregated by gender. Danish women still earn 14% less than men for the same work, and men occupy a staggering 86% of top management roles in the largest Danish companies. In boardrooms, the ratio is 9 men to 1 woman holding the title of chairman—moreover, half of Denmark's youth struggle to challenge and break free from gender-stereotypical expectations. ​

As companies and organizations, we all share the obligation to do better. And as an agency within an industry that shapes people's lives through communication and technology, we must also turn the mirror on ourselves and explore how we can contribute to making changes. And one aspect we found pivotal to address is our Danish language, which has been ranked as the most gender-biased in the world! ​

This is why we are now launching (fælles)køn: to spark a broader dialogue around potential solutions. ​

A gender-neutral language doesn't have to be uninspiring or restrictive. Our language is dynamic and continuously evolving. Therefore, if we desire change, we have the power to shape it while breaking free from stereotypes and gender-biased expectations. ​

We are very well aware that we are entering a delicate territory, given the polarization of discussions and the risk of being criticized for being overly "woke" or accused of attempting to "rainbow-wash" issues. However, inaction is never the solution. ​

Discover more about the initiative by visiting fælleskøn.dk - and start un-biasing your language with our free plugin! ​