04 / 09 / 2023

New Leadership in Advice's Largest Business Area

By Advice

Two experienced Advisors will now shape the direction of Advice's Branding & Marketing business area: Sara Engelhardt, with 14 years of experience at Advice, and Morten Hershøj, who brings a background as CEO at Another and various other agencies and companies over the past 20 years. The former director, Rikke Østergaard, is embarking on new ventures with her company.

To lead the Branding & Marketing business, Advice has found a duo that complements each other perfectly. Sara brings a background in Advice's advisory DNA, business understanding, and strong client management. Morten brings extensive experience in combining business, brands, and tech. Morten Hershøj will be responsible for the business area and strategy, thus becoming a part of Advice's corporate leadership group.

"Advice holds a strong position in the market. We have a solid business and great clients, and particularly in recent years, we've successfully translated the unique Advice advisory DNA into strong creative solutions. Now it's time to take the next step, where we need to be even stronger in our advisory role - while also succeeding in integrating our solutions with Advice's other two core business areas, Agenda and Tech," says Morten Hershøj.

"All brands, in addition to strong creative communication, must identify the agendas they want to drive and own in their market. All brands are, in one way or another, involved in tech developments, which are critical for future business foundations. We see this integrated Advice approach as unique in the market," adds Sara Engelhardt.

The current director, Rikke Østergaard, is stepping down. Besides working at Advice, Rikke has over the past five yearsproduced the podcast "Karrierekvinder," authored the book "Den utålmodige feminist," and delivered talks around the country on gender equality alongside her partner Naja Lind Rasmussen. She will now work full-time on building her company, developing content that promotes gender equality in Denmark, including more podcasts, books, talks, events, and advisory services.