Anna Louise Henrichsen

Director & Partner, Public Affairs & Sustainability

Anna is a seasoned Public Affairs and Sustainability expert with a specialization in Stakeholder Management, Communication, PR, Agenda Setting, and ESG. Her business acumen is matched by a profound commitment to sustainability with a particular focus on environmental concerns, as she has been working within the arena of climate change for about 15 years.

She adopts an integrated approach to ESG from compliance through strategy to implementation. She understands the business need of analyzing impact, materiality, industry, and stakeholders, and believes that ESG should be anchored first and foremost in the core business while ensuring that the compliance exercise empowers companies to win in the market through marketing, communications, and public affairs.

Anna has strong ties with leading Danish companies and business organizations. Her network includes influential connections in Christiansborg, Brussels, and Washington, reinforcing her capability to influence global policy.

Prior to her role at Advice, Anna served as Public Affairs Director at Danfoss. In this capacity, she advised the company's leadership during high-profile events such as the World Economic Forum in Davos and various international climate summits. Her strategic insights were crucial in shaping Danfoss' approaches to new energy policies and robust ESG initiatives, with a strong emphasis on climate and energy policy. Anna’s background also includes positions as a climate and energy adviser at the Danish Embassy in Washington D.C., a key role at the public-private partnership State of Green, and as a researcher at Politiken. She holds an MSc from the University of Copenhagen.

Leverage Anna’s unique expertise to ensure your organization is not only compliant with ESG standards but excels in integrating environmental sustainability into its core strategies.