Anne Mikkelsen

Advisor & Digital Project Manager, Forte Advice

Anne is deeply invested in communication and digital visual presentation. She has a degree in communication and psychology from Roskilde University, and has, through experience and interest, gotten deep into technology, digital platforms, and how we express ourselves digitally. In addition, she loves to create structure and overview, which makes her an exceptional project manager.

Having trained as an IT project manager in 2021, Anne understands the various project and analysis models, agile development methods, and stakeholder management.

Anne comes from the media industry, where she at Bonnier Publications worked on projects such as creating new digital subscriptions and products, lead generators, and large migration projects focused on technical streamlining of digital platforms.

As a person, she’s a joy to be around. She has a bright mind, is very curious and quality conscious, and doesn’t stop until the right solution is found. Anne appreciates creating products that create clear value for the customer and the end-user.

Bonus info: When Anne isn't working, you can find her at a cafe with a friend in Nørrebro, talking about anything and everything with everyone around her.