Axel works with finding relevant insights, conducting complex analyses, and identifying blind spots for clients through both qualitative and quantitative methodology. Axel covers a wide range of clients, working with everything from how children navigate the online world to identifying areas of improvement for food producers who want to become more sustainable.

Axel has a master’s degree in political science from the University of Copenhagen. He’s specialized in political behavior and advanced quantitative methods. Additionally, he has vast experience facilitating focus groups and conducting in-depth interviews with relevant stakeholders.

Axel used to work at Advice as a project associate while finishing his studies and became a consultant when he handed in his master’s thesis. Before working at Advice, Axel was in the Young Talent program at Epinion, and before that worked at STAR, KL, and MentorDanmark.

Axel likes playing board games in his spare time and is always up for playing Scythe, Pandemic, and KeyForge. Axel has proudly read all 42 Dragon Ball books five times.