Ditte has a background in strategy, communication, and project management. Her skillset covers consulting, strategic development, project management, and production planning. Throughout her long career in the communications industry, Ditte has served as a customer- and team manager and executed large and complex campaigns with all media groups- from print and digital, including SoMe to PR, networks, and events aimed at both B2C and B2B customers.

In Advice, Ditte operates within our branding and marketing team, where she advises and manages the bureau's major customers. Ditte is the anchor point from start-up to evaluation on many projects.

Ditte is a graduate of MSc. in Design and Communication Management. Before her career led her to Advice, she’s been a senior producer at the digital agency Umwelt, customer manager, and senior project manager at the communications agency Revolt. Before that, Ditte was a partner in the creative network Artrebs.

Bonus info: Ditte has a special ability when it comes to names and faces. After two weeks at Advice, Ditte could name every one of her 110 colleagues (we tested it, she actually could).