Espen Højlund

Managing Director & Partner

Espen sees connections as the essence of good communication: to see the unmet need, the conversation the customer can enter into, the alliance partner who can put the customer's message into a larger context, the case that lacks a driver, and so on.

As a strong strategist, he focuses on overall business strategic challenges and opportunities. He translates them into services, content, and stories in close interaction with the customer's decision-makers. The goal is always to create deep, long-lasting connections between brands and the outside world, between cases and citizens, and between products and customers.

Espen is ‘born and raised’ in Advice and has since 2001 taken the journey from junior adviser to CEO - a trip that has taken him far and wide in Danish business and organizational Life. Now, he is a working board member.

Bonus info: Espen cultivates the contrasts. So, when he’s not going full throttle in a dynamic agency in the heart of Copenhagen, he’s back home in Sølballegaard, which is in the middle of Mols Bjerge with several hundred meters to the nearest neighbor.