Jarl Lyng

UX Director, Forte Advice

For more than 15+ years, Jarl has worked with digital design and has thereby built a solid and basic understanding of technology and user interfaces.

Jarl specializes in UX Strategy, UX Design/Information Architecture, Wireframing, and Prototyping for digital user interactions. He has worked on fintech, IoT, AI, music production, transport and interconnection, sustainability, e-commerce, entertainment, dating, e-Sport, marketing, start-ups, and B2C and B2B products. In short, Jarl’s done just about everything.

Work, analysis, and strategy are the pillars of his philosophy. Based on Constructive Design and Lean UX, he produces both Low-Fi and High-Fi prototypes and wireframes during testing.

Jarl has a master’s degree from the IT University in Copenhagen and Aalto University, Helsinki.

Bonus info: Jarl is not only a gigantic nerd when he works - he’s also one in his spare time, where he produces modular music. If you don't know what Modular Music is, then google it and you still won’t know.