Jesper Reck-Jensen

Chief Developer, Forte Advice

Jesper has worked on the development of all forms of digital communication since the year 2000. He understands the synergy between different platforms, solutions, and technologies. Jesper always aims for approaches that deliver the best immediate solutions while supporting the customer’s product and business moving forward.

Jesper strives for all elements to be thought into the solutions - everything from proper HTML code and responsive design to the website's speed, SEO, SEM, and Tracking.

He focuses on developing design-borne HTML deliveries and style guides, creating CMS architecture, optimizing and expanding existing websites, and technical tracking implementation.

Jesper is a trained media graphic artist, which enables him to understand the visual presentation of websites on all platforms.

Bonus info: Jesper once found a snake in one of his shoes - at home in his fourth-floor apartment. Yikes.