John Christensen

Head of Solutions, Forte Advice

John is responsible for the development team in Advice. He brings more than 15 years of experience advising customers and developing digital services to the table.

John advises on CMS- and application development, system architecture, integration solutions, and technology and platform choices at the intersection of technology, business, and end-user needs. He assists with projects that have a higher degree of technical complexity and business logic.

John likes to stay on top of everything, from the first meeting to development, launch, and daily operations, and also delivers senior project management on business complex projects and technical projects.

In addition to technical advice, John is very focused on organizing the right development processes, swearing to the agile mindset, and showing value immediately by making continuous releases of functionality. "It is important not only what we develop, but also how we do it."

John has a great deal of experience with WordPress and Drupal but is increasingly inclined to more loosely linked architectures, particularly to Jamstack philosophy.

Bonus info: John loves football. He coaches a youth team in his spare time and often uses football-related metaphors in his work.