Jonas Paaske Ditlevsen

Project Associate, Forte Advice

Jonas's expertise spans a variety of design areas, including UX design, digital design, service design, curation, and exhibition design. He graduated with bachelor's degree in Digital Design from Aarhus Universitet with a focus on museological studies and is currently pursuing his

His unique blend of artistry and museological insight brings innovation and engagement to his digital design work. Jonas's experience encompasses a wide range of projects, from case work to personal endeavors, including an internship at Museum Ovartaci. Notably, one of his digital art projects earned recognition and exhibition space at Ars Electronica in Austria.

Jonas is all about putting users first and creating experiences that truly matter. He's passionate about making sure people's needs are met and then some. With Jonas, it's not just design; it's about leaving a positive and memorable mark on users lives and in the world.

Bonus info: Jonas was drafted for the Danish national team in American Football as a running back. However, he didn't have the opportunity to play a game in the national jersey as he decided to stop playing shortly after.