Malene Thyregod

Office & Accounting Assistant

Malene has a leg in accounting and administration and is one of the house's highly loved workbook masters. Additionally, she ensures our newly arrived colleagues receive a good onboarding experience.

Malene has worked for Advice since 2013, first as a receptionist and then as an office and accounting assistant. Furthermore, she is responsible for the rental of our test rooms.

When Malene isn't on the 4th floor, she's most likely down making her daily chai latte - she still hasn't learned to drink coffee.

Bonus info: Malene loves to travel, and to her, the longer, the better. Her 2017 South African trip included taking care of wild lions at a rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary and going on safari in the Serengeti plain and Ngorongoro crater. The most recent travels she made were around the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico for two months.