Mark Mikael Müller

Creative Director & Partner

Mark develops creative strategies and concepts and has, since the beginning of the '00s, transformed complex issues into simple messages and engaging brand experiences. Through constant exploration of insights that shape human behavior, he relentlessly strives to make communication feel ‘alive’ so that the consumer can see himself in it and share it with others.

Mark believes that brands should be able to reflect their communities. His belief is that the best kind of advertising is something that makes sense, is entertaining, and that provides value to people, businesses, and brands. Because of this, he is always interested in new narrative forms, media platforms, and cultural trends.

He is married to veterinarian Anna, and they live in Sorgenfri with their two boys. Every couple of months, Mark plays acid rock in a dirty rehearsal room in Nørrebro in the naive hope that one day he'll still be a rock star.