Martin Graversen

Supporter, Forte Advice

Martin strives to provide good customer service and provide high quality to all our clients. Whenever Advice's digital customers contact him for support, he responds quickly and kindly. As part of his responsibilities, he also handles testing and quality assurance of development projects so that they appear optimally on different devices and browsers.

Martin has over seven years of freelance experience focusing on WordPress, webshops, and graphic design, making him well suited to guide and solve any issue. He also has experience as an IT supporter and technology writer.

Martin holds a degree in medialogy. In addition, he is self-taught and has many years of experience as an independent/freelancer in customer support, design, and web development.

Bonus info: Martin once flew to Taiwan to cover the launch of a secret gaming product for the world's largest esports site. As it turned out, it was just a height-adjustable table with a computer. Martin also loves movies. He was once an administrative member of a film club at a university for three years. They showed about 24 movies each year, and he designed the posters for every single screening. He, however, never studied at that university.