Mette Bøje Karlog

Production & Traffic Manager

It is certainly not an overstatement to describe Mette as an experienced Traffic and Production Manager. Her roots go back to a time when you turned on the glue machine first thing in the morning, ordered Schöllehammer Pap by the box, and your best friend was the scalpel.

We benefit from Mette's structured approach to graphic production as well as a colleague with a great sense of perspective. It is Mette who handles all of our creative bookings, and she is very persistent when it comes to briefs, job numbers, and processes. Her desire to create structure makes her an indispensable resource at all stages of the workday. Despite the rest of the house not liking Workbook - our timer and project management system - she loves it.

Bonus info: Mette has a hunting license. And she is a big fan of sunny weather, her bike, and Copenhagen.