Mille Klink

Managing Director & Partner

A constant curiosity drives Mille to pursue good insight, relevant stories, and intelligent communication that can move business, behavior, and attitudes. Her experience as a brand strategist gives her a solid foundation for advising customers across industries and sectors across the house.

So she is even more enthusiastic when the challenge is complex and requires a well-planned, cohesive solution that relies on all her skills and allows us to work seamlessly across channels and platforms from strategy development to execution.

Mille has been in Advice since 2010. In addition to loving our morning song every Monday, she is passionate about protecting Advice's strong culture and professional DNA. For colleagues, customers, and partners.

Prior to joining Advice, Mille was the Head of Communications at the start-up company MYC4, which introduced her to many enterprising African traders. Her previous experience includes working as a communications adviser for Kragelund Communication in Århus. Mille also teaches branding and campaigns at the School of Journalism.