Morten is an accomplished marketing technology consultant. He is a certified expert in HubSpot, Agillic, and Google Analytics and has a deep understanding of tracking, data analytics, marketing automation, and customer journeys.

Combined with extensive experience in advertising, including Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Facebook Ads, his expertise in advertising allows him to integrate paid media into a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Well-versed in various platforms and tools, he has a proven track record of developing and implementing data-driven marketing strategies that deliver the right message to the right audience, resulting in increased engagement and conversions.

Morten's expertise in marketing technology enables him to analyze and interpret data to identify opportunities for optimization and improvement throughout the customer journey. He is a strategic thinker who excels at developing and implementing solutions that improve marketing performance and drive growth.

Thanks to his PBA in e-commerce from Cphbusiness, Morten has a well-rounded commercial digital skillset. He has put this to good use for companies and organizations like CBS, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bristol Myers Squibb, 3 Mobile, Ecolabel, and The Danish Armed Forces. 

He is passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies and is dedicated to leveraging this to help his clients achieve their goals.

Bonus info: Morten is a trained chef with a gold medal to prove it. In his spare time, he teaches students how to temper chocolate and make delightful "flødeboller," showcasing his passion for food and creativity.