Morten Langford

Project Associate

Morten has a broad range of experience with marketing and communication, from dynamic physical environments to highly agile digitized environments.

He has worked with conceptualization, marketing, and execution of small and large projects with a creative starting point. From concept development of graffiti competitions for the City of Copenhagen to campaign development and marketing of the Trailer Park Festival in CPH Skatepark.

Morten has slowly moved into the digital space and focuses on marketing technology. Using data to create meaningful and personal user experiences allows marketing and communications departments to automate and streamline their work, thus creating meaningful and personal user experiences.

As a bachelor's student in Ecommerce at Cphbusiness, Morten has a broad understanding of online operations and adjoining competencies such as conversion optimization, data collection and analysis, search engine optimization, and content marketing.

Bonus info: Morten is a trained chef with a gold medal. From Berlin and Copenhagen, his past career was adorned with two top reviews in Politiken from the latter city. Also, he taught students how to temper chocolate and make a fantastic ‘flødebolle.’