Morten is a Corporate PR expert at Advice and can assist with all phases of campaign planning.

With a background as a military linguist with multiple tours to Afghanistan, Morten is used to working with communication in complex situations where the right words can build bridges. This experience comes in handy when stories have to live in a changing media landscape with a variety of stakeholders.

During his time in the Danish Armed Forces, Morten has worked as an interpreter and cultural advisor for everything from private to general. Additionally, he trained representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Police, and the military in contact skills and communication.

After graduating from the University of Copenhagen with a Master of Science in Rhetoric, Morten specialized in argumentation and political debate. In his professional work, he is especially fond of the writing process and loves to explore the language to find the ideal wording.

Bonus info: Morten is proud Nordjyde and works diligently to spread the use of the words "Kawt" and "Bette" on Advice.