Nikolaj Højgaard

UX Designer, Forte Advice

Nikolaj strives to create value for businesses by creating value for their users. With his experience in agile processes, he uses user tests and workshops to put people at the center of product development.

Nikolaj was previously a UX Consultant and Product Owner at the Danish Business Authority, where he designed self-service solutions, case management systems, content management systems, and Business He is also a freelance User Researcher and Social Entrepreneur.

He has a master's degree in organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship from CBS, where he specialized in fast, cheap, and efficient user research.

Bonus info: Nikolaj's pockets and bags are always full of sand, no matter how often he turns them out. He is based partially on the west coast of Jutland, where he mostly surfs in his spare time. His New Year's resolution is to see a badger.