Oliver Alexander Lommer

Senior Copywriter

Oliver is a trained copywriter who attended Miami AD School in Berlin, resulting in stays at advertising agencies in Paris, New York, and exotic Düsseldorf.

Oliver spent two years developing communication for Tag Heuer Porsche's Formula E team, launching a German swinger website in Spain, and winning the Porsche Global opportunity.

After four years abroad, Oliver has now returned to Vesterbro, where the walk to Advice's office can be completed in 3 minutes and 54 seconds. Here, he combines his global experience with his knowledge of Danish culture and language to construct authentic communication with societal relevance.

Oliver believes that the best form of advertising breaks the norm for communication instead of being directly included in the culture. Or in other words, if you don't think an advertisement is an advertisement, then it's good.

Bonus info: Oliver collects golden statues and figures that do not have a functional purpose. In other words, they HAVE to be completely useless and gold-plated. In addition, Oliver is often found on a paddle course, a ‘brown’ pub, or in the chat on Twitch.