Ralf Lodberg

Strategy Director & Partner

Ralf has been with Advice since…forever. Today he is a partner and part of the executive team heading up the agency’s business development and commercial activities.

With more than 20 years of strategy-, branding-, creative concept development- and marketing experience, Ralf’s expertise is in leading large-scale branding processes in complex organizations.

Ralf has created a strong impact for brands like Lunar, Ørsted, Turner Broadcasting, Novo Nordisk, Nilfisk, Nestlé, and MuteBox. Ralf is also a popular opinion leader and speaker within the field of branding, purpose, and storytelling.

Bonus info: As a happy father of four and a Star Wars geek, Ralf’s greatest branding triumph was to convince his wife to name their first son Luke. This makes Ralf… yeah, you guessed it.