Thomas Sofienberg

Director, Platforms & Apps, Forte Advice

Thomas has 20 years of experience in developing digital projects and businesses. With a focus on governance and content, he has guided and executed digital strategy and transformation for organizations in B2C, B2G, and BTG.

Thomas is passionate about finding the best solution and giving honest advice along the way to create the most value for both business and brand, and the user. There's no doubt he'll talk about relevance, user trips, and critical contact points in an omnichannel world. He specializes in digital preliminary analysis, channel and content strategies, and branded e-commerce and marketing automation.

As a student in Film & Media Studies, Thomas worked at DR to develop concepts and conduct user tests for interactive TV formats programmed in WAP.

In addition to working at Advice, Thomas is a long-time professional and teacher of Master and Diploma Education, Digital Excellence, IAA/DMJX.

Bonus info: When Thomas isn’t working, he cycles - a lot - both on the actual roads with his bike, or on virtual roads with his Zwift. He has also been a producer for Nik and Jay at the beginning of their careers, helping them create the Hot music video. It was pretty funny.