Tobias Hinke

Senior Experience Designer, Forte Advice

Tobias loves experimenting and drawing, but at the same time takes great pride in delivering thorough work when he helps companies translate insight, strategy, and business needs into digital solutions that are user-centric.

As a versatile and competent designer, Tobias often works across disciplines such as UX, Digital Design, and Development. The methodological toolbox is in order, and he possesses the qualities necessary to perform the work at all phases of the design process.

In addition to a bachelor's degree in Communication and Digital Media, Tobias has a master’s in Digital Design and Interactive Technologies specializing in UX design from the IT University of Copenhagen.

Bonus info: Tobias has a small garden in Sydhavnen where he likes to spend most of his free time with various small projects. He’s waiting for a building permit from the City of Copenhagen so he, along with the help of friends and family, can get started building a new colony garden house with room for everyone.