Xenia Østerby Jensen

Senior Developer, Forte Advice

At every stage of a project, Xenia adds great value, from the early stage of concept development and during the subsequent concept development, but especially in terms of the final development and settlement.

As a result of her unique educational background with a master's degree in Software Development and a bachelor's degree in Danish and English, as well as a brief visit to digital design and communication, she manages in her work to connect communication with high technical professionalism.

Xenia is friendly, effective, and results-driven, all at the same time.

As a Full Stack Developer, Xenia works with both HTML deliveries for primarily frontend-based deliveries, development of complete CMS-based sites, and more backend-oriented tasks such as integrations with different APIs, user management, and other technical customizations. With Xenia on the team, you are sure to get a web solution that can do exactly what you want.

Bonus info: In 2016, Xenia was released with a dessert cookbook, "sweet, healthier, sinful", and for many years she has actively run a food blog, which still today, despite only a few new posts, has many users on a monthly basis.