Portfolio Aula

One platform from nursery to graduation

A unified communications platform for families and public institutions




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Together with Netcompany and Kombit, we helped create Aula – a platform designed to accompany a child from their first daycare to their final exam. The main purpose was to unify and simplify the communication between students, parents and public institutions.


With the previous intranet solution, Skoleintra, users had to log on to several institutions' platforms for each child they had, and there was a general information overload. This created unnecessary stressors that frustrated many families. They needed a comprehensive overview and more targeted communication across their kids’ day care, school and after school programme (ASP) in order to take part in their everyday life and well-being. It was thus essential to create a unified, digital communications platform.



The dialogue between school and home is increasing heavily – and is increasingly digital. The new platform should facilitate this – without adding new unnecessary layers of complexity.

User-friendly solution

Aula replaces the previous public intranet, Skoleintra, and is designed to accompany the child from nursery to graduation in one single platform. Whether a child has its first day at school or moves to a new municipality, Aula remains the central point of contact. 

Thereby, Aula provides a complete overview of the communication between the family and public institutions, and parents only need to log in to one application no matter how many kids they have.

The platform offers many functions such as messaging, a bulletin board with important information, calendars with the option to make appointments as well as the option to see and create photo galleries, among other things.

Simple design

Ease of use, great overview and relevance are the hallmarks of design. The goal is to facilitate workflows for professionals and improve communication between family and institution. Therefore, the solution was created with involvement and testing across all types of users.

Customized to all platforms

The user interfaces are developed for app and desktop and can thus be used on both computers, Chromebooks, smartphones and tablets. Moreover, Aula is displayed as a dashboard on the institution’s touch screen where the child checks in and out.






National solution

All 98 Danish municipalities are introducing Aula as their communications platform at schools, and 95 municipalities are also rolling out the solution in day cares.