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Genvej is set to assist parents in navigatingchildren's digital challenges, ranging from bullying to data privacy. At Advice, we have collaborated on creating the strategy, concept, content hub, and film production.


Parents are in great need of help when navigating the ever-changing digital world their children engage in. It is found that 8 out of 10 parents acknowledge they are aware of their children's digital lives and how crucial it is to be involved in the topic. However, when asked how often they discuss their children's digital lives, 44 percent responded that it occurs three times a month or even less.

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Genvej will offer advice and practical resources collected in a content hub at Genvej.org to help initiate conversations with their children and engage more actively in their digital experiences. On the website, you will find guides, tips, conversation cards collected from various partners, and original content created by Advice. Furthermore, Genvej will, through its social media channels, make information easily accessible to parents and help them stay updated on various topics and issues that children and young people may encounter online.

We created a short film to launch the effort and create awareness of the important matter. In the film, you meet the Algorithm, a personal guide who welcomes a young boy to the Internet as a physical place. The creative insight focuses on things happening online that you would never accept or allow as a parent in the physical world.

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The campaign resultet in increased awareness and engagement:

  • Over 4,000 shares on Facebook.
  • Over 2.6 million completed video views across various channels.
  • A total of 2.2 million minutes spent on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram combined.

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