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The perception of the salesperson has always been stereotyped—as the lonely wolf with the fast car. The union for sales and marketing people Business Danmark wants to change that perception and, at the same time, expand the pool of potential members by inviting even more sales and marketing professionals into their tribe.


The primary challenge for Business Danmark is that new breed of sales and marketing professionals don’t necessarily see themselves as member of Business Danmark – or in general as a member of a union. The second challenge is that potential members are preferring other unions than Business Danmark. If they get a promotion, they might go for a membership in the more manager profiled organization “Lederne” – and if they are only looking for legal and insurance services, they might just choose one of the cheap “yellow unions” with less focus on the specific profession.


The world is changing, also, for sales and marketing people. Suddenly your home market is the whole world; you need to understand the digital eco-systems, inclusion, and diversity are mandatory keywords, and the lonely wolf has moved from the car to the office. But instead of seeing this as a threat, the new world is a giant room of possibilities. If you embrace it, you can find yourself in a revitalized perception of the sales and marketing professional. Making you even more proud of your skills - and as a member of a tribe lifting the commercial Denmark to new heights.


We have launched this campaign with a film for SoMe and TV, framing all the new possibilities as a sales and marketing professional. From selling clicks, leads, and likes to be an essential part of the green transition. Fuelling pride to the existing members and attracting new ones. All together united with the line “We all love a brilliant sale”.