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The district-heating-kind-of-feeling

A national story about district Heating – the future's green solution


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Most people would probably say that a story about district heating is far from interesting and that a district heating pipeline isn't exactly something we'd ever think to fall in love with. But what if we could tell a story about a product so intricately technical and undoubtedly uninteresting for most people in a way that made it seem far more interesting, inclusive and humane? In a way that could, in fact, touch us.


The objective was clear – create a nationally relevant story about district heating as the green solution of the future.


We came up with the concept 'The district-heating-kind-of-feeling'. To the Danish tunes of Lecia & Lucienne's well-known Eurovision hit "Touch me", we had district heating installed in a new, unexpected and pleasant setting. The film was built on a good deal of warmth and people-friendliness, where we meet Danes in well-known everyday situations that illustrate how the product helps us rather than what it is. We will probably never get the Danes to love district heating, but at least we got those who watched it to smile, sing along and feel the heat all around Danish homes.