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Together we move

New brand platform and campaign for the integrated public transport


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When we travel by public transport, we move together. Both literally when we move from A to B, but also mentally and as a society. We helped develop DOT's new campaign film 'Together we move' to make Danes choose a collective and more climate-friendly form of transport. The campaign shows the benefits of public transport and speaks to the sense of community among Danes who take the bus, train and metro daily.

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Several projections show that urbanization and the need for mobilization will increase within the next five years, thereby putting greater pressure on the traffic. Therefore, getting more Danes to use public transport is crucial, which can reduce urban traffic congestion and CO2 emissions by getting more cars off the roads.

But it requires a better reputation for public transport, so more Danes realize that it is both a smarter and cheaper alternative. And that’s exactly what DOT wants to do with their new campaign and brand promise, 'Together we move'.

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Public transport has had a defensive tone, and the conversation is almost always about expensive tickets and arriving too late. We wanted to change that narrative by telling the positive side of the story and showing the many benefits too. We all witness the jammed traffic in the bigger cities, and we have new transportation needs post-covid-19, so we are ready to listen to positive alternatives to our old habits.

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A campaign that motivates Danes to choose public transport and pays tribute to those who already do so by speaking to the sense of community and highlighting the many benefits.

Starting in June 2022, the first campaign period is part of a longer effort to 'rebrand' public transport. The overall purpose is to create the perception that when you choose public transport, you become part of a community that moves together – physically and environmentally. The aim is to change knowledge, brand perception, and behaviour.

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